Monday, 28 May 2012

things i've seen #5

Well hellllllllo sunshine! Hasn't this week been gorgeous! Even the threat of my impending english exams couldn't keep me locked inside!

Whatcha been up to? 

My new Hand of Phatima bracelet (no, I'm not obsessed!!) // little sis looking cute after a charity shop rummage // me and my besties eating veggie-burgers-to-die-for in the sunshine // OOTD // tootsies on the beach // me and molly lapping up the sun // holographic philadelphia // jubilee loot at Sparks Yard, Arundel // jubilee bunting causing excitement!

PS: check out my union jack onesie and Jedward mask and tell me I am not a true patriot! My eurovision party at the weekend was a success even if dear Englebert Humpedink was not!

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