Monday, 21 May 2012

things i've seen #4

Again, a fairly average week filled with the delights of revision hell and all the guilt and fatigue and general blues that come with it. A week of comfort pj-ing and floods of orange juice (for the vit c!) ensued.

Did anything actually happen?

Lucky pug good luck card... I luv ma mumma // gorgeous new point pumps, H&M beauts // juicing with Molly // discovered Marshmallow Fluff!?!? where has this been all my life!? // rocking horse socks // earl grey pit-stop // cookies and Rimmel 020 Shake Up lippy // Jedward mask, preparing for Eurovision next weekend // sunning on the station // vit c top-up // night in with Ryan Gosling // acid wash and gladiators come out to play!

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