Sunday, 6 May 2012

clarins luvin

It is no secret, for those of you who don't know, that I am a Clarins addict. My mum is. My grandmother is. Every woman in my family seems to be. So being born practically addicted to the stuff it would be hard to imagine my life without it, however, being a student (and we have all suffered the hardships of a student budget when it comes to our cosmetics!) affording it is something different altogether.

Therefore, as times got tough - payday seeming eons away and my shelf of Clarins began to dwindle - I have whittled it down to the few products I seriously couldn't bear to lose! 

First and foremost their Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. Being the pale creature that I am, I swear by fake tan and this one, specifically designed for the face and neck area, gives a lightly sun-kissed tint to my skin, minus the ugly streaks and weird scaly fading of some fake tans I've tried.

Generally my skin treats me fairly well (not often breaking out the day before a big event, etc etc) and I believe it's something that works both ways. That's why I love Clarins' HydraQuench Lotion as not only does it have SPF 15 hidden in it, but it's also perfectly suited to my rather temperamental combination skin. Team that with their Gentle Foaming Cleanser (a must in every woman's evening routine!) and my skin feels soft, supple and well looked after.

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